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All drinks with (i) can be iced

  • If you crave authentic coffee made from the freshest roasted beans, you have come to the right place! We, Coffee Cafe Roasters, established in 2012 in the Town of Greenwich, beautiful Greenwich Avenue, offer a true break from generic, similar-tasting drinks by delivering fresh, professionally brewed coffee produced from our daily roasted beans for a truly memorable experience that will charge you with an invigorated and flavorful feeling.
  • Our love for authentic coffee resulted in a huge globe-trekking search that took us from the forests of Asia to the deepest jungles of South America and it was where we finally discovered the special blend that has quickly become our calling card. Unlike other stores, or the coffee that can be found on every shelf, our beans are unique to us. Hight quality, rich in flavor, every single one is carefully selected by experts to ensure only the highest standards are adhered to.
  • Nowadays coffee became an everyday drink for most of us and, as ardent coffee lovers, we decided that it was up to us to bring back the joy to what had become a routine to most. Our coffee house goes far beyond any other traditional shop. In keeping with our intense passion to coffee, we offer a huge choice of different drinks made expertly by our highly-trained baristas. From the most popular to the more unusual and even experimental, we promise you will never taste something as fresh and astonishing.
  • Not only do we offer the very freshest and most intense coffee experiences, but, to help spread proper coffee as it should be consumed, we offer our own specially hand-crafted roasted beans for sale. Daily roasting our beans to ensure the full flavor is retained, each shipment is sent within the same day and arrives at your shop fresh and ready to be consumed immediately. This ensures a taste experience unlike anything ever seen before and is one that keeps our loyal customers coming back time after time from all the state. So whether you are coffee shop owner, or coffee lover - now you can enjoy the full aromatic flavor of our coffee beans.
  • If all this wasn't enough, as well as our famous coffee, we also offer a huge choice of carefully selected teas and a range of superb, delicious food. All our ingredients are high-quality, so the only thing our customers need to worry about is what to choose from our menu that caters to all tastes. If you want a real coffee experience, where each cup is prepared with love, then give us a visit. We guarantee that you will never look at a cup of coffee in the same way again.

Coffe Café Roasters, 118 Greenwich Ave Greenwich, CT, 06830, United States
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M-Sa 6:00am—7:30pm
Su 6:30am—7:30pm

If you would like to set up a wholesale account, we have authorized salesmen who can accommodate your needs and be
happy to help you with your selection of coffee. You can reach out by email sales@coffeecaferoasters.com